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Back Suport Brace - PRO #200 Low Back Support Belt

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200 Low Back Support Belt
200 Low Back Support Belt
Price: $27.99

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Unequalled for support of the low back when some range of motion is desired. Thick ¼” neoprene with nylon covering provides excellent support to the low back and abdominal muscles. Addition of ¼” thick pad over the lumbar spine aids in maximizing heat to the low back. Four adjustable fingers in front allow for easy patient adjustment for all-day comfort – no more digging or binding. Available in beige N2 material only.
Back Belt Size Chart for 200, 280, 1000 & 1010
Measure waist Size

28” – 30” = XSmall
30 ¼” – 32” = Small
32 ¼” – 34” = Medium
34 ¼” – 36” = Large
36 ¼” – 38” = XLarge
38 ¼” – 42” = XXLarge
42 ¼” – 46” = XXXLarge

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It's the Best!!
Sue (Phila) 3/24/2017 1:09 PM
I've used this style brace for since my twenties, and love it!!!! My daughter has one, so does my son and we learned about it from my mother-in-law...It's a family affair. It provides the most support and flexibility of any brace I have ever owned. I would hate to live without it!
20+ years - Best brace around
Mark (Chicago) 5/27/2012 10:02 PM
I have used the Pro Back Brace off and on for the past 21 years, ever since spinal surgery. I still feel that it is the best brace around. It has thick neoprene, which makes me feel like I have extra muscle in my back when I wear it. I only wear it now when I'm doing something strenuous, like skiing, moving heavy objects, hiking with a heavy backpack, etc. Or, when my back has been hurting for some reason. I sometimes wear it all day long if needed. -On the negative side, it does make you sweat some, but I just wear an undershirt underneath it, so no problem. Well worth it. Knockoffs at corner stores don't have nearly the support that this brace has. -Also, I have tried newer style braces that orthopedic surgeons have recommended, but they don't seem to have the support ("muscle feel") that this one has. -I obviously recommend this brace.

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