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To insure long and satisfactory wear it is imperative that you follow the suggestions for putting on and laundering the sleeve. Do not wash in hot water or put in the dryer.



For ease of application and to insure the Durability of the sleeves we have found it best to instruct the user to…


  • Turn Sleeve wrong side (rubber) out.
  • Put on the smaller end first and stop at the approximate area it will be worn.
  • Now grasp the Larger End and pull it up over the smaller End. Rubber surface is now NEXT to the skin and the Sleeve in approximate wearing position.
  • Talcum, cornstarch or baking soda should be used liberally when applying and wearing the Sleeves. The Sleeve can be worn with the rubber side out if so desired.



(2)               CARE and CLEANING

Sleeves are machine (delicate cycle) or hand washable. Air Dry- do not use dryer.



It is possible that an individual could be sensitive to the neoprene glue, or nylon used in the manufacture of this product. If the user experiences soreness, rash or blisters, discontinue use of the garment and consult your physician. Phlebitis patients should not wear the Sleeve.

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